So you think you might be interested in pattern testing? 
How it typically works:
  • Pattern testing opportunities are both announced and unannounced; sometimes a designer gives a shout-out for pattern testers or they might have a static pattern tester sign-up form on their website you are required to complete.
  • If you’re invited to test a pattern, the designer sends you a preliminary copy of their quilt pattern via email.
  • You make the quilt top using fabric you purchase or already have (you get to keep the quilt in the end). 
  • Sometimes designers have specific sizes they would like to have made. Some prefer a tester with a certain aesthetic or fabric preference. Both things vary by designer.
  • As you are testing the pattern, you must answer the question: “Can you easily make the size quilt you want given the provided fabric requirements and instructions?” If not, tell me what is wrong (quantity or pieces to cut, size of pieces, not enough fabric) or where you needed extra diagrams/instructions/steps, etc.  
  • You are given a deadline to provide feedback and post your finished quilt top. The time you have to finish your testing could range from a couple weeks to over a month. 
  • Most designers have a skill level noted somewhere on the pattern. As for myself, I try to keep most of mine “confident beginner” friendly (for someone who has finished at least a couple quilts). I love having quilters with less experience as they tend to not assume things based on experience like intermediate/ advanced quilters sometimes do. 
  • At a minimum, you are usually asked to post a pic of the final quilt top to your feed when you finish it (typically before the pattern release date). BUT, if you’d like to post photos as you make the quilt (fabric pull, cutting your pieces, assembly, finished quilt), you’re more than welcome to do so.
  • You use the quilt’s hashtag (#iteratequiltpattern for example) and tag the designer (@rachelle_handamde for example) on each related post.
  • After the pattern is released to the quilty world, the designer sends you a final copy of the pattern.
I hope this answers most of your pattern testing questions. Good luck and happy sewing!