So…what exactly is this “Quilt Along” thing all about?
Answers to Frequently Asked Questions FAQs:
What is a Quilt Along (QAL)?

A quilt along is when a group of quilters make the same quilt pattern on a predetermined schedule from the comfort of their own homes. In this QAL, you either participate with the group via Instagram or a private Facebook Group. 

There is no entry fee to join this QAL however, you are responsible for purchasing the pattern. A sign-up list for hard copy patterns of MATRIKIN is available at the end of this page. 

What about the fabric requirements?

A preliminary list of fabrics for all sizes for all three versions of the quilt are available HERE so you can procure your fabric before the pattern is published.

Do I have to make the 65″ square throw size?

NOPE! During this QAL we will be making the 65” x 65” throw size, but the pattern includes instructions for crib to king sizes! Simply adjust the number of blocks you make per week. At a minimum, I ask you make the crib size to avoid any confusion.

What do I have to do to participate?

Each week, you post a photo of your work for that week’s assigned task. Weeks start on Monday and end the following Sunday. For example, during Week 1 (February 15–21) you will post your fabric pull/selection by the end of the day on Sunday, February 21. Week 2, you’ll post a photo of your cut pieces of fabric, etc…

For Instagram participants: You use the hashtag #MatrikinQAL (not case sensitive) and tag me @rachelle_handmade in your Instagram post.

For Facebook participants: I will be hosting via my “Rachelle Handmade Quilt Group” so I will see your posts directly. You must request to be a member of the group since it is private (only group members can see what you post to the group page.    

If you choose to have a private profile on Instagram: You are welcome to participate. However, I do require you to let me follow you during the duration of the quilt along so I can see your progress posts. I also ask you to send your posts to me via DM so I can share photos your progress the the group. This is to avoid anyone questioning your participation if you happen to win a prize. 

How  are prizes announced and how to I enter to win?

Every Monday , if you posted a photo of your progress during the previous week, you’ll be added to the drawing for that week’s prize. (FYI…not all quilt alongs have prizes) A weekly newsletter will be sent out to all participants via email with an announcement of that week’s winner and general info in the upcoming week’s task.

What if I miss a week? 

If you fall behind and miss a week, no worries!! Just catch up when you can. You can also drop out at any time.

Can I join after the start date?

Yes, you can absolutely join after the start date; simply catch up on the tasks up to the current week.

What if I have more questions?

Please do not hesitate to contact me via Instagram @rachelle_handmade OR via email:  rachellehandmade (at) gmail (dot) com

Matrikin QP – Hard Copy Preorder Sign-Up

 When the hard copy is available, I will create a custom listing for you on Etsy and send it to you via the email address you provide below. You’ll complete your transaction on Etsy.

Your pattern will be shipped (sent out) to you on or before the pattern release date of February 4, 2021. 

Please don’t sign-up if you’re not going to follow through with payment. If you want to cancel your preorder, please email me before January 25, 2021 at rachellehandmade (at) gmail (dot) com