Welcome! I am so glad you’re here! Thank you for taking an interest in becoming a Pattern Tester for Rachelle Handmade.

June 14, 2021; I have updated this page to clearly outline the expectations moving forward to ensure we both have an enjoyable time working together! Please read through this entire page before signing up. Thanks again and I look forward to hearing from you!

Unfortunately, I am currently unable to pay pattern testers in a monetary form.  By signing up, you fully recognize that this is an unpaid position. However, I can offer you a single free pattern of your choice for any of my current or upcoming digital patterns. I also ask for your mailing address, so I am able to send you some happy mail. If you’d rather not share your contact info, I totally understand!  

What do I expect from you as a pattern tester?

  • A knowledge of very basic quilting skills.

  • The ability to read through a pattern and give feedback by a designated time on general layout, grammar, fabric requirements, and cutting instructions.

  • The skills to take well lit photographs (with your phone) of fabric pulls, construction, and completed quilt top.

  • Photograph the process of making your quilt top, but save that content to post until the designated time. The turnaround time for testing will generally be 4-6 weeks, but I like to save all tester posts until the final week to promote the launch.

  • Please refrain from sharing any images that show the cutting instructions, pattern instructions, or measurements such as strip size, block size, or piece sizes. This information is proprietary and to be kept private to preserve the published pattern.

What can you expect from me?

  • A free copy of the completed pattern you are testing.

  • A free digital copy of another Rachelle Handmade pattern of your choice, current or in the future.

  • Direct exposure for your business by sharing your project on my Instagram and website.
  • Clear communication on dates, timelines, fabric choices, etc.

  • Help with digital renderings and mock ups for your fabric choices before starting construction.

I wouldn’t be able to do this without you and I truly appreciate everyone who signs up. Thanks so much in advance!!

Luv, Rachelle 🙂

Pattern Tester Sign-Up Form:

Anyone who has made at least one quilt is welcome to sign up! I appreciate having quilters of all skill levels participating; confident beginners are more than welcome to sign-up! Please fill out the form below.

This list will only be used to contact you about pattern testing opportunities. I will never share or sell your information. You can unsubscribe from the list at any time.

I prefer you have a public (non-private) account, so everyone can see your lovely quilty creations!
I like to consider your preference as some have time constraints, space limitations, or a size preference for donation/charity purposes.
For example: Do you have a favorite color palette? Do you have a favorite designer (or designers)? Do you have certain time constraints? Do you especially like quilts designed to use precuts? Anything else fun about yourself you'd like to share? I enjoy developing relationships with my testers!
Do you have the ability to take well lit, high quality photos throughout construction and of the full finished product? (Using your cell phone's camera, no fancy camera required.)