Rising Quilt Stars (1)

01/21/2022 – The Rising Quilt Stars podcast episodes have migrated to from Buzzsprout to Anchor.

Rising Quilt Stars, the podcast for news about up and coming quilt pattern designers in the Quilty World. 

Join us here to hear more about a quilt pattern designer you NEED to check out!

Rising Quilt Stars denim stars
Episode 011 - Bre Tuttle
Episode 010 - Erin Grogan
Episode 009 - Jenn Smith
Episode 008 - Sarah Cain
Episode 007 - Sarah Harris
Episode 006 - Bhiravi Rathinasabapathi
Episode 005 - Morgan Collaine
Episode 004 - Erin Whinnery
Episode 003 - Juli Rae Brown
Episode 002 - Trevor Whittow
Episode 001 - Brooke Shankland
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* When we support each other, incredible things can happen.
* Behind every successful quilter, is a tribe of quilters who have their back.
Happy sewing!
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