Quilted Scarf Trio

I took a much needed break from writing new quilt patterns the past month. In the past year, I’ve written 12 quilt patterns and self-published 9 of those 12. (Stay tuned…three of those are pending publication in physical or digital magazines, woo hoo!)

While crocheting my always-“freezing”-cold sister a scarf with pockets, I had the bright idea to expedite the process by making her a quilted scarf. Which brings me to today…the release day for my Quilted Scarf Trio pattern. I hope you enjoy making it as much as I enjoyed writing it! See below for more details.

These scarves are a quick make and would make perfect handmade gifts for the upcoming holiday season!!

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Use yardage, fat quarters, orphan blocks, or scraps to create the scarf exterior. Use pieces of backing and batting leftover from previous projects to increase sustainability! Fabric suggestions are provided to make your scarf warm, warmer, or warmest!
The Doris Mae Cowl Scarf is a cozy wrap around with fasteners in the front for easy wearing. It is named for my 92 yo grandmother whose kind words always make me feel warm inside.
The Louise June Bandana Scarf covers your chest for extra protection from the winter winds. It is named for my "feisty" grandmother who likely could have taught some bandana-wearing cowboys a lesson or two.
The Patti Dawn Straight Scarf has optional POCKETS for extra warmth. It is named for my mother (AKA Mommy) who is a no-frills kind of woman that shares my love of "function over fashion" outfits.

Fabric & Hardware Requirements

The scarves are layered and quilted using a standard “quilt sandwich” technique and the terms “batting” and “backing” are used to remain consistent with this technique. However, the backing will NOT be visible, so feel free to use that out-of-style or clearance rack fabric you’ve been meaning to get rid of. 

Need a laugh?!?

Click the graphic to see a hilarious video of me modeling the pockets of the Patti Dawn Straight Scarf.