Last year, I participated in three (3) collaborations with some amazing quilt artists. I may be addicted hahaha.

Introducing, the “Power of Seasons” pattern series; another creative collaboration I initiated. 
These four (4) 16″ x 26″ season panels are the result of a creative collaboration between Catalina Barceló Maimó, Cristina De Miranda, Julia Wachs, and myself.
We invite you to explore the seasons with our foundation paper pieced (FPP) design series.
Color your own version on Quilt Ink; search for “seasons” in the upper right corner…it’s free to sign up.
IMG_3791 (1) (2)
"Spring" by Catalina Barceló Maimó
IMG_3792 (1) (2)
"Summer" by Julia Wachs
IMG_3793 (1) (2)
"Autumn" by Christina De Miranda
IMG_3794 (1) (2)
"Winter" by Rachelle Craig