Mini Art Quilts Foundation Paper Piecing (FPP) Workbook

Back in January, I decided to try and tackle my scrap bins by making fabric postcards.

Making postcards is a fun & relaxing break for me from my bigger long-term projects and it puts a smile on people’s faces. 

Check out the gallery below of a sampling of the postcards I’ve made! 

From this adventure I decided the world needed a book of foundation paper pieced (FPP) postcard templates; enter “Mini Art Quilts; 54 Mini Blocks to Foundation Paper Piece“.

Front Cover
back cover
Back Cover

It’s a 40 page creative workbook with 54 full size 4×6 designs for foundation paper piecing (FPP). It includes instructions for making fabric postcards and shows other project ideas. A FPP Cheat Sheet is included. 

Use your scrap stash! Make postcards and cards for birthdays, baby showers, weddings, Christmas cards, and other holidays.

Fabric Postcard Gallery

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