Matrikin Quilt Pattern / Rainbow Version

Matrikin is a fun, strip pieced quilt pattern that comes in six sizes (crib, lap, throw, twin, queen, and king). 

The crib, lap, and throw sizes are fat quarter friendly. 4-color & 8-color, directional & non-directional fabric versions are included. 

For those who may be wary of how complex it looks, optional cutting labels are included to help you stay organized as you work thru each step.

A confident beginner quilter with a couple quilts under their belt should be able to tackle this project.

Matrikin is a tribute to my ancestors. The rows are different from one to the next, but a continuous line runs through them and links them all together. 

Click HERE to read about my design process for this quilt. It was a fun one to design! 

Both of my maternal grandparents quilted (yes, my grandpa, too!) and were generally very creative people. I like to believe they’re watching over my quilty adventures and cheering me on.

I hope you will continue to follow me and join me along my quilty path; I’ve got big goals and plans for the future ahead. 

Fabric requirements are listed in the graphic below. I used a gorgeous variety of bright rainbow fabrics for this version. I absolutely LOVE the black and white polka dot background; it gives the quilt so much movement and interest!  

Click HERE to read about my fabric selection process for the cover quilt. It was a fun one to design! 

Thank you so much for reading and for your support!

Take care and happy sewing & creating, my friends. Stay weird xo -R 😉

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