I've Been Keeping a Secret

Last May (yes, I know, it seems like years ago already), on a whim, I submitted a quilt design to Make Modern Magazine. If you’re not familiar with the publication, it’s an e-magazine published every other month. I’ve subscribed to it for a couple years now, and I enjoy it because it’s primarily reader created content. 

Anyhoo…I submitted the idea for my first ever quilt pattern and was asked to make the quilt and write the pattern for publication in the magazine in January 2021. WOO HOO!! So ladies and gentlemen, that’s the very short story of how Rachelle handmade was born. Now on to the pretty pictures. 

Everyone...Meet "Amplify"

Amplify is a strip pieced, confident beginner friendly quilt pattern. It finishes at 64″ x 64″ 

All of the blocks have the same composition, but increase in size as you move towards the middle of the quilt. I used a spiral quilting design to enhance the amplification effect. 

How to Get the Pattern

If you’re interested in getting this pattern, it is in Make Modern Magazine’s 38th Issue published today! (01-154-2021)

I purchase the all-access subscription, but they’ve go plenty of other options to suit your needs here: Make Modern Magazine Subscriptions page

EDITED 2021.03.18– Amplify is now available as a standalone pattern in my Etsy Shop: Amplify Quilt Pattern

Alternate Colorways, Coloring Page, and Fabric Requirements

I had so much fun coming up with alternate colorways for this quilt! It can go from the original green and grey to a fun pink girly quilt or a masculine dark teal and orange. 

Try out your design using the blank coloring page!

I’ve also listed the fabric requirements below. 

fabric requirements

Happy sewing, Everyone!!!